Thursday, February 19, 2015

College of Fine Arts

Having current students and the activities that they are involved in is one of ways that the CFA attempts to both support our students and disarm them.  I think that when students see their work or peers and sometimes themselves engaged at the institution it can be really inviting. It sends the message that we value the work that they are doing and their efforts. We also share student stories through our blog the CFA Finer Points – the feed is on our main page



I think some the suggestions about disarming from the class that I am taking that might be good to share are: 

  • When I have time to prepare for a student meeting, I will take a minute to read through the PeopleSoft notes to remind myself if I have met with the student before and/or a little bit about the student.  Even if I do not remember the student from the notes that I have written I feel it is important for the student to know that I am glad that she or he is coming in again. I purposefully greet them by saying “it is good to see you again.”
  • I try to clean off my desk of projects that I am working on before I have a student appointment. This way neither the student or I are distracted by piles of paper or things to look at.  I think this leads to my ability to focus on the student.  


  1. CFA is doing the best college of the country that is doing work on the psychology of the students as it showing them a light to be int heir thoughts and show the world the real face of the world for the betterment of humanity and the education system.

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