Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UExplore Fall 2014 Open Houses

Are you interested in criminology sciences and intelligence, biology of behavior, pathways to health professions, or big data? If so, attend one of UExplore’s Fall 2014 Open Houses on Mondays from 12-1:30pm in the Collegiate Room in the Union Building. Explore majors such as sociology, geography, forensic anthropology, psychology, biology, exercise and sports science, linguistics, computer science, mathematics and more!

October 20: Criminology Sciences & Intelligence
-         Sociology (Criminology Certificate)
-         Geography (GIS)
-         Anthropology (forensics)

October 27: Biology of Behavior
-         Psychology
-         Design
-         Biology
-         Human Factors Certificate

November 10: Pathways to Health Professions
-         Health, Society & Policy
-         Parks, Rec, & Tourism
-         Exercise & Sports Science
-         Nutrition Minor

November 17: Big Data
-         Linguistics
-         Computer Science
-         Mathematics

-         Information Systems 

Monday, September 29, 2014


The University of Utah Transfer Center

Are you thinking about transferring to the University of Utah? Or have you already applied and been admitted to the University of Utah and are wondering what your next steps are? Visit the University of Utah’s Transfer Center in University College.

Potential Transfer Students

If you are a potential transfer student, meet with an advisor to discuss academic planning so the courses you take before transferring will meet requirements at the U. You will be able to set up a transfer timeline and get help understanding the application and registration deadlines. Our advisors will discuss basic information about U of U majors/minors and connect you with your departmental advisor. Transfer Center advisors will also help you find a major that is right for you and will help students feel welcome and comfortable about transferring to the U.

Current Transfer Students

If you are a current student and have questions about transfer credits and what your next steps are at the U, meet with an advisor to determine if transfer courses can be used to meet U Bachelors Degree requirements. If transfer courses are not coded for General Education credit, work with an advisor to determine whether those courses can be substituted for one of these requirements. Learn about U policies and procedures and General Education and Bachelors Degree requirements. If you are undecided in your major, meet with one of our advisors for transfer orientation and explore different major/minors at the U.

Salt Lake Community College Transfer Students

If you are attending SLCC and would like to transfer to the U, meet with one of our Transfer Center advisors at SLCC’s Redwood Campus. Our advisors are in the student center at the Redwood campus from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Transfer Checklist

Are you ready to transfer to the U? Here is a checklist to help you with the transfer process.

1.      Meet with an Academic Advisor to help plan your transfer
2.      Apply for Admission to the University of Utah
3.      Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships
4.      Get Cleared to Register by Meeting with Your Advisor
5.      Participate in Transfer Student Orientation
6.      Send an Official Transcript after your final grades have been posted

For more information and details regarding the transfer process and Transfer Center please visit our website:

Friday, September 19, 2014


Guest Blogger: Sean Crouch, Academic Advisor

For the tenth year in a row, the University of Utah will hold its Major Exploration Expo. With more than 100 academic departments and student support agencies gathered in one place, the Expo is the biggest and best place to explore majors, minors, internships, and research and learning abroad opportunities. It’s free, it’s casual, it’s informative, and fun.

How does it work?

From 10am to 2pm, faculty, staff, and student representatives of the University will host walk-up tables in the A. Ray Olpin Union Ballroom in the Union Building. It’s a meet-and-greet setting, a chance to chat informally with the experts from that program, to gather information, and enjoy some face time with professors and staff in an inviting, friendly atmosphere. The key here is casual. No appointments, no plans, no transcripts—just you and the major representative talking about the fields of study intriguing you.

Already have a major?

Program representatives are eager to chat with you about minors, internships, research, further education, service and leadership projects, and career opportunities. This is a chance for you to explore ways to further tailor and diversify your degree, ensuring you get the most out of your time at the U.

Why explore?

When students are excited about, and engaged in, their studies, they more easily earn better grades, build stronger interpersonal networks, develop better professional skills, and learn how to articulate their assets after completing their degree. Finding the right major means finding a deeper and more satisfying U of U experience, with better opportunities for life after college. The Expo makes the beginning of your major exploration process easy, stress free, and enjoyable. It’s an open invitation to the simplest way to see so much of what the University of Utah has to offer, and it’s all in one place.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are you an incoming Freshman and undecided in what you would like to major in? Attend the UExplore Welcome Social and Major EXPO this Fall

Fall is here! If you are an incoming Freshman, mark your calendars for the UExplore Welcome Social on September 2 from 1-3 PM in Tanner Plaza (located between the Union Building and the Student Services Building). Come meet your University College advisor, enjoy live music, and waffles from Bruges Waffle Truck. Also, get to know some of your fellow exploring students.

Major EXPO

Are you feeling unsure in what you would like to major in at the University of Utah? Attend the University College’s Major Exploration EXPO on September 24, 2014 from 10am – 2pm in the Union Ballroom. Learn about the tremendous opportunities available to U of U students and prospective students. Interact with advisors from the College of Architecture and Planning, School of Business, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, College of Health, College of Humanities, College of Mines and Earth Sciences, College of Science, College of Social and Behavioral Science, College of Social Work, Undergraduate Studies, University College Advising, and other departments on campus. Talk with specific departmental advisors for majors you may be interested in and learn more about the different majors that are offered at the U of U.

For more information about the Major Exploration Center, visit our website at Learn about different majors, minors, certificate programs, and career resources that the U offers. Also, learn about upcoming events and set up an appointment to meet with a Major Exploration advisor.  

Friday, August 15, 2014


Fall semester is upon us! As you start thinking about preparing for fall semester, don’t forget to put meeting with your academic advisor on your checklist. If you have declared a major, meet with your departmental advisor. If you are an undecided student, meet with an advisor in University College. Our office includes preprofessional advising, the major exploration center, general advising, the transfer center, academic success advising, and works with returning to the U students. If you have questions regarding general education and bachelors degree requirements, what major is the best fit for you, transfer credits, your academic standing, or general questions regarding U policies and procedures schedule an appointment with an advisor in University College.

Walk-in Appointments

Please note that University College advisors are doing walk-in appointments on Thursday August 21 through Friday August 29. Stop by SSB 450 from 9am – 4pm on any of these days to meet with an academic advisor.

Scheduling an Appointment 

To schedule an advising appointment go to or call 801-581-8146.

To schedule and advising appointment with our pre-professional advisors go to or call 801-581-5744.

We wish you the best of luck in starting your semester!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Enrolled in a Large Class? Success Tips

Guest Blogger:  Jennifer Merino-Moncada, U of U Alumna

You walk into class and realize you are in a class of 200+ students. You think to yourself, “how am I going to get through this?” Your palms start to sweat, you’re feeling anxious. High school was so different, you were in class with the same 30 people, and the instructor knew your name, now you feel like just another face in the crowd. 
This is the same scenario most new students experience. It can be very intimidating and overwhelming. However, with the right approach you can get through this experience and be successful in a large class setting.  

Even though there are no assigned seats in most college classes once students find where they feel comfortable they tend to sit there every class time. You can take advantage of this by getting to know the students that sit around you because they are probably the same people you will sit next to for the rest of the semester. Start by making small talk, introduce yourself and ask your neighbors why they took the class. You want to continue to get to know those around you because you will need a friend, an ally, a study companion. You never know when you will unexpectedly have to miss class. Having a friend in class that you can ask for notes and updates on what you missed is a key aspect of thriving in a large class setting. 

There are a few classes that require study groups or discussions to break up a large class to smaller sections, however many classes will not have that component so it will be up to you to form study groups and work on assignments together. This will become a regular aspect of your time in college. It is so frustrating when you are working on an assignment but get stuck on something. Having a study partner that you can text or email for help can alleviate some of that frustration. 
You may feel out of your element when stepping into a large class. You may feel uncomfortable asking a new person to let you borrow their notes or ask a question about the assignment but in reality those students around you are probably just as uncomfortable and feeling disconnected just like you. College is about taking control of your education, even when it is out of your comfort zone.  Take the initiative and start forming those connections. You will feel more connected to the university community and to those that spent countless of hours cramming with you for your next exam.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to Spring 2014!

The University of Utah will begin the spring 2014 term on Monday, Jan. 6.  The campus will be a buzz as students and faculty return to classes.  Academic advisors become a major source of assistance during this period to make sure that students are moving forward in achieving their goals.

Here's just a few tips for the beginning of the term:

1.  KNOW IMPORTANT DATES - The Registrar's Office updates a website with a calendar for dates and deadlines such as adding classes, dropping classes, withdrawing, and paying tuition.  Find out more at:

2.  ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS - A higher education myth is that nothing happens on the first day.  Actually this is the day that you meet faculty, teaching assistants, and engage with the syllabus.  Also, you are paying for this day so don't miss out on beginning the term with all the information you need for success.

3.  CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE - Once you have completed enrolling and dropping classes, check your final schedule through the Campus Information Services (CIS).  You should confirm that you are in the courses and sections that you are attending.  It is much easier to correct errors at the beginning of the term than later in your academic experience.

4.  CHECK-OUT PLAZA FEST on Wednesday, Jan. 8 in the Union - This is a great opportunity to refresh your memory on all the opportunities available to you at the U of U!
Welcome Back!!!!!