Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have You Seen Your Tutor Today?

At the University of Utah, we are beginning the 4th week of the semester.  Lots of activities are happening (such as the Major EXPO on September 25 from 10 to 2 PM in the Olpin Union).  In addition to participating in campus activities, this is a great time to secure a tutor for your rigorous courses.  Students often ask me how other students earn good grades in all their courses.  From my conversations with these types of students, tutoring is one key element for success.

Let's use the rest of this post to connect to tutoring.  Here are some easy steps:
  1. Review the courses that you are taking this term.  Which one or ones do you find the most rigorous for you? 
  2. Now start to look for resources that offer tutoring in these areas.
  3. If you have a private tutor, make appointments and keep them.
  4. If you are in a group tutoring situation, be a productive member by showing up and contributing to the information.
The University of Utah offers many excellent resources for tutoring.  Here are just a few of the many options available to you:
  • Math:  the Mathematics Department offers free tutoring in the Math Tutoring Center in the lower level of the Cowles Building.
  • Academic Support:  This agency coordinates the ASUU Tutoring Center and Supplemental Instruction for a variety of courses and disciplines.  They have a variety of rates.
  • The Writing Center:  Have a Writing course or a course that requires a written paper?  Then check-out the services available here.  Writing is a process and everyone continues to grow through feedback.
  • College, Department, Agency:  There are many places to connect to tutoring at the University of Utah.  Ask advisors, faculty, and student peers.  The answers will give you lots of options for finding the best resource for you.
Thanks for reading.  It is exciting to watch you achieve your goals at the U of U!

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