Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall 2013 Has Arrived!

The campus buzz has been growing for the last week.  Students moving into residence halls, buying books, and securing ID cards.  On Saturday many students, parents, faculty, and staff attended the Campus Welcome hosted by the President and Dr. Pershing.  Now, the first day of class for fall 2013 is upon us.

Yes, I have a few tips to offer as you start this term.  Here they are:
  • Go to class, especially on the first day.  The first day of class is often the time you start learning about the class through the syllabus and about the faculty member who is teaching the class.  This information offers insight into what the next 15 weeks will hold for you.
  • At the end of the first week, gather all the syllabi you have collected for every class.  Use these documents to map out your semester on a calendar.  Every SMART Phone has a calendar app or you can purchase a paper calendar at the bookstore.  Regardless what mode you use to calendar, record all assignments, activities, and exams so you are on top of when things are happening.  Don't forget to include you final exams.
  • Look at the academic calendar for dates and deadlines.  Review the date for the last day to add a course, delete/drop a course, and withdraw from a class.  At the U of U, you start classes before you pay tuition & fees.  So make sure you know the deadline for paying tuition.
  • Finally, carry your U of U ID card with you at all times.  Many offices ask to see it to verify who you are.
The first week of classes can be exciting, fun, and stressful all in the same week.  Ask questions early to make your semester a success.

Good luck!!!

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