Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to Spring 2014!

The University of Utah will begin the spring 2014 term on Monday, Jan. 6.  The campus will be a buzz as students and faculty return to classes.  Academic advisors become a major source of assistance during this period to make sure that students are moving forward in achieving their goals.

Here's just a few tips for the beginning of the term:

1.  KNOW IMPORTANT DATES - The Registrar's Office updates a website with a calendar for dates and deadlines such as adding classes, dropping classes, withdrawing, and paying tuition.  Find out more at:

2.  ATTEND THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS - A higher education myth is that nothing happens on the first day.  Actually this is the day that you meet faculty, teaching assistants, and engage with the syllabus.  Also, you are paying for this day so don't miss out on beginning the term with all the information you need for success.

3.  CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE - Once you have completed enrolling and dropping classes, check your final schedule through the Campus Information Services (CIS).  You should confirm that you are in the courses and sections that you are attending.  It is much easier to correct errors at the beginning of the term than later in your academic experience.

4.  CHECK-OUT PLAZA FEST on Wednesday, Jan. 8 in the Union - This is a great opportunity to refresh your memory on all the opportunities available to you at the U of U!
Welcome Back!!!!!

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